McaM展讯 | 看得见的舞蹈诗行: 法国音乐-舞蹈POETRY

表演 | 看得见的舞蹈诗行:法国音乐-舞蹈POETRY

Performance | POETRY

艺术家:莫德勒普拉德克,朱利安 格雷 费雷,图恩 卡里耶

Artist:Maud Le Pladec,Julien Gallée Ferré,Toon Callier

时间:2017年6月2日 19:30

Time: June 2, 2017 19h30

地点:上海明当代美术馆 (上海市静安区永和东路436号 )

Venue: Ming Contemporary Art Museum (No.436 East Yonghe Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai)

这部作品的灵感来源于著名音乐家法斯托 罗米特里德所作的电音吉他音乐《Trash TV Trance》,音乐家汤姆 鲍威尔斯将它作为基本素材延伸创作,将这部本就十分繁复的作品分解后再合成,编舞家莫德 勒 普拉德克继续深入探索声音与舞蹈姿势的关系。在《诗》中,节奏是声音与舞蹈姿势连续贯通的主导因素。《诗》不再是我们听到声音的身体转译,而是对差异与节奏的雕刻,让音乐与动作以风景的方式并列呈现,直至形成一个移动的聆听属地。

概念/编舞:莫德 勒 普拉德克(Maud Le Pladec)

音乐:法斯托 罗米特里德 (Fausto Romitelli, Trash TV Trance), 汤姆 鲍威尔(Tom Pauwels, 原创音乐编曲)

舞者:莫德 勒 普拉德克(Maud Le Pladec)、朱利安 格雷 费雷(Julien Gallée Ferré)

音乐演出:图恩 卡里耶(Toon Callier)


关于莫德 勒 普拉德克(Maud Le Pladec)

莫德 勒 普拉德克(Maud Le Pladec)是法国奥尔良市国立舞蹈中心主任,是法国赫赫有名的现代舞编舞家。多年来,她醉心于探索单人舞与独奏家合作的舞蹈形式,以音乐为出发点,在舞台上与另一位音乐家共同现场创作,执着于“音乐-舞蹈”的形式。她最初的两部作品《教授》与《诗》是与一位独奏家合作,后期的作品《民主》与《具象》开始与几位打击乐手或者音乐家组合合作。

POETRY or a form of bliss.

“Thus, metamorphoses have a dual poetic efficiency: first they show how a given form changes into another and also how the visible world offers genealogies, which for a poet, are the support for the adventurous hypothesis that is the principle of metamorphosis... The collection of stories generate an internal logic that leaves one guessing what will happen. They stage a need and give it a double justification: inner transformation and external resemblance."

——From "Les métamorphoses," Ovid, Gallimard, Paris

Concept, choreography: Maud Le Pladec

Music: Fausto Romitelli (Trash TV Trance), Tom Pauwels (original music composition)

Performed by: Maud Le Pladec, dancer Julien Gallée Ferré, dancer Tom Pauwels, musician alternating with Toon Callier, musician

Production: Centre chore?graphique national d’Orle?ans

Maud le Pladec – choreographer and interpret

Maud le Pladec was trained in contemporary dance in 1999 when joining the Ex.e.r.c.e program at the Centre Chore?graphique of Montpellier directed by Mathilde Monnier. She performed in creations of Emmanuelle Vo Dinh, Loi?c Touze? and Latifa Laa?bissi, Georges Appaix, Mathilde Monnier, Herman Diephuis and more recently Boris Charmatz (Leve?e des conflits, enfant, manger, 10 000 gestes).

In 2010, Maud Le Pladec created Professor, a choreographic piece for three performers to the music of Fausto Romitelli. Professor received the Choreographic Revelation prize the same year from the French arts guild, Syndicat de la Critique Franc?aise. In November 2011, she created Poetry. Along with Professor, this piece forms a diptych to the music of Fausto Romitelli.